Sunday, February 16, 2014

Winter Continues
 This was the scene on Friday, 2/14/14 as we headed to the mission office.  It had snowed in the night and iced up.  Here in the east the snow is very wet and that causes frequent ice build-up.  Ice sticks to the windshield wipers, the doors of the car, the trees--everything!  And it makes for senior missionaries to be very cautious!  So far we have not slipped on it--although we have come close several times.  This represents about 12" on the level.  Last night it snowed again a bit and we are expecting snow twice this coming week.  This weekend we did see a couple of retail stores hauling the snow away because their parking lots have been compromised.  Below is a photo of Elder Jones using the heartier ice scraper that he purchased this week to get the car so he can see out when driving.  By the way, he is much more compliant in wearing his seat belt since becoming the "Car Czar".
We have been exceptionally busy with Zone Conferences this week.  We had to postpone one due to much snow, but we made it up on Saturday, so now all 275 missionaries have their very own I-Pad mini and are learning how to effectively use it to proselyte and teach.  We heard stories of missionaries teaching investigators in far away countries via Skype and having lots of success, so we know that great things await the Pennsylvania Philadelphia Mission.  We did so enjoy going to the various zones to see the missionaries. One Elder told of how he skyped his family for his Christmas call and taught them the Restoration.  He has a less active older brother and a father who was excommunicated so he was very pleased that his family willingly listened to the lesson and he prays that his family can be healed and become a forever family.  He was quite emotional telling this story and it touched me deeply.  Elder Jones was able to assist the Mission President this week by helping with a couple of missionaries who needed special help and Elder Jones greatly enjoyed that.  We hope that all of you had a very nice Valentine Celebration.  I did miss homemade sugar cookies frosted...I love those.  Tonight we are feeding our local missionaries and then next Saturday we have been invited for another Korean dinner to a sweet Sister's home in our ward.  Tomorrow night we are giving the lesson to the Senior Family Home Evening Group.  We are going to speak about being a missionary in this mission and what they can do to help.  It is going to be a great week for us!

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