Sunday, April 20, 2014

Transfers in April
This has been a very busy week.  Monday night we had a dinner for the 3 outgoing missionaries.  1 sister and 2 elders, so the testimony meeting was brief.  We knew these missionaries well and were especially sad for Sister Young to go.  When we arrived here in the mission she had cleaned our apartment, along with Sister Munson (pictured below).  We served with these girls for some time and loved them lots!  
 Then Tuesday during a torrential rainstorm the missionaries pictured below arrived.  They'd had to hover in the air above Philly for 20 minutes in very bumpy weather so they were so very glad to be on the ground.  The sister 2nd from right is Sister Jolley from Ivins.  This picture was taken in the mission home and President and Sister Anderson are pictured as well.  We did have lots of rain last week and it has made lawns turn green and lots of flowers bloom.
 This is Sister Kelli Bettilyon.  She is from the SLC area.  She had to go home from her mission to recover from lyme disease.  It is interesting, because as she would come in to the mission office and at various meetings where we saw her we would ask about her health (she looked ill).  When she named her symptoms and I asked her questions, I became very concerned that she had lyme disease as her symptoms mirrored Jen's.  She went to the doctor here and got tested even but they were unable to diagnose it as lyme.  So she went home, was diagnosed with lyme disease, mold and a virus or some sort.  After about 3 months of treatment she was able to return and we were so very happy to see her.  She has that happy, perky look back.  We got big hugs..
Now about Easter.  For this past week the church has blitzed the media with #Because of Him.  We were asked to post this phrase and complete it in our various media contributions throughout the week.  And we did.  It has been an inspirational week to read all of the posts on Facebook about this.  Today our 2 current assistants to the president posted #Because of Him we sing on Facebook.  Please go to Facebook to find it.  The Missionaries are Elders Alasi Toilolo and Dallin Jenkins.  Elder Toilolo is from Hawaii and he accompanies their song on the ukulele.  It is very well done and was a wonderful way to remember Easter.  I reposted it, so if you are my friend or go to my facebook page, you will be able to find it.  Then as you lay in bed tonight, think of the phrase "Because of Him" and complete that sentence for yourself.  Because of Him I am a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints and I know that He lives.

We will enjoy an Easter dinner tonight with 5 other couples serving in this mission.  We miss our family celebrations, but are so happy to be serving at this time and in this place.

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