Sunday, July 27, 2014

Summer is Half Way Over
These 2 elders are our Assistants to the President, Elder Toilolo on the left and Elder Tarry on the right.  As we work with the APs we get rather attached to these fine young men, and these are no exception.  Elder Toilolo has been an AP for about 4 months.  He is very good at it.  He is a natural leader and I see him returning to Hawaii and becoming eventually a Stake President.  He came on his mission a little more mature than most--he has a college degree.  This week he asked me to help him with his resume, so I have been documenting his virtues as a leader because he has a hard time to brag on himself.  He is very good at speaking concisely, inspiring and following through.  Elder Tarry has only been an AP  for about 3 weeks, but he is already doing quite well.  He is a very likable person.  While in Maryland he made friends with and tried to convert an older couple-their religion was Quaker or Friends.  They did not convert but have delivered him, every 3 weeks for the rest of his mission food, clothes, etc.  Dotty and her husband came this week and we got to see just what she brought--about $400 worth of food, 8 pair of pants and 11 new white shirts.  And she took both APs to lunch.  This couple have no children and seem to have adopted Elder Tarry.  They are going to fly to Albequerque to attend his homecoming.  We are planning to have these 2 fine elders for a burrito night soon.  
 This is the Reyes-Sanchez family.  We went with Elders Neiman (L) and Brown (R) to have lunch with them yesterday.  And we were there to participate in a lesson.  Angel (blue shirt) was baptized earlier this month.  Luis (red shirt) boxes and Elder Jones went to see him work out last week.  Annabelle is a terrific cook and we love to go to her house for any Mexican food she makes.  This time it was Posole--a Mexican soup with chicken and hominy.  It was very delicious.  Plus we had tostadas, beef, chicken, rice, beans and because it was Angel's birthday this past week all of the desserts pictured below.  My favorite was the Mexican flan.  Very good.  She also makes a fruit beverage each time we come.  This time one was pineapple and the other was watermelon.  I have had it before, but when I asked for instructions I finally understood how they make it.  They take a watermelon, for instance, and let it sit in the house for about 5 days in order for the flavor and sweetness to fully develop.  Then they just blend it up in a blender and add water.  They do not add sugar at all.  The same with the pineapple, strawberries, etc.  
Elder Brown made the pineapple upside-down cake in the foreground and the women there really liked it.  We came home very full and did not eat dinner.

We have had a good week, as usual.  We were able to go with the sisters in our ward and help them find an apartment.  They will be moving in August 1.  We are glad to get that accomplished.  Elder Jones has been very busy moving missionaries into new apartments, and I have been very busy getting those apartments set up to pay.  Elder Jones has been counseling more--he loves that opportunity.  I am so happy he can use this talent to help these fine young men and women.  One of the sisters in our ward is leaving to return home after being here about 6 months.  She is such a sweetheart and we will miss her, but the mission has just been very difficult for her and she has come to peace with the fact that she needs to return home.  So Elder Jones has been helping her and her companions as well.  We are having them to dinner tonight.

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