Sunday, October 27, 2013

Fall is Here
 We enjoyed some good missionary experiences this week.  This is us at the ward Halloween party.  We took an investigator with us.  I will tell you more about that...They had some really good chili there and it was accompanied by rice.  Yes, RICE.  (Our ward has about 12 families that are Korean).  Actually tasty!
 Today is Sunday and we took a drive to try to catch a couple of families the Bishop assigned us to visit.  We did not find anyone home, but traveled 30 miles and saw some colorful follage.

 So for our "P" day, Dad went with the Sister Missionaries to teach "Sassoun".  He randomly called the mission office on Thursday wanting to be taught.  He had left his job and traveled back home to PA to start over.  He had apparently been to Temple Square and had contact with Mormons at some time, because he mentioned how good he felt they were and that was what first sparked his interest.  He walked to the Mission office and Dad, along with the 2 Sister Missionaries there taught him for about 1 hour.  We then took him home.  Dad and the missionaries taught him again on Saturday.  Then we took him to the Halloween party and again today for church.
While dad was teaching, I went shopping and found myself a winter coat at Macy's.  It is gray and I really like it.  I wanted to get it because we are going for a field trip with the other senior missionaries in 2 weeks and will be walking outside while seeing the temple construction site.

We are working more with the Sister missionaries in our ward.  Also, we will be getting a set of Elders on Wednesday for the ward.  That will be great.  We attended a Ward Missionary Coordination meeting on Thursday and received an assignment to contact a couple of people.  I was to meet one today, but she left before anyone could introduce us.  However, we did have 6 investigators and 2 less actives who are all being currently taught at church today.  The meeting was about the Book of Mormon and the talks were exceptional.  I really liked them and the investigators did too.  One of the investigators is Diane.  I met with her for the 2nd time this week with the missionaries.  They brought her to the office and we had lunch together.  She is very sweet.  She committed to live like a Mormon for a month and see how she felt.  She even brought her inactive spouse with her today.  He is from Idaho.  Thursday we attended District Meeting and Dad had to leave early because of a phonecall, but I got to role play a missionary with Elder Taylor.  He is really nice and we have been companions twice during roleplay.  Friday we had a leadership training for zone and district leaders.  Dad presented some car safety information and I helped make a lunch for them.  It was a busy day.  Tomorrow begins transfers.  We take 2 to the airport (Dad and I get to take an Elder who finally got his VISA!) to go.  That night we have a dinner honoring all those leaving to go home.  Early Tuesday they go to the airport.  Dad had to rent a U-haul for their luggage.  Then transfers take place and the companionships leave for their new assignments.  Then we all go to the airport in the afternoon to greet the new ("Golden") missionaries.  Dad has to interview each one (we get 21) regarding driving privileges.  I help in the kitchen to feed them.  Then Wed. they get assigned to their companions.  Then they leave and things calm down.  We are so lucky to get to know all of these terrific young men and women.  We are striving especially to work hard to make the Mission President's job easier so that he can focus on the things most essential for him.

It looks like we will permanently be serving in the Mission Office.  The couple who were to work in the office arrived Friday and the President sent them up to the Hometown area and explained that his original intention was for them to work in the office, but they delayed their mission due to the marriage of a daughter so we were asked to step in and now we are trained and doing a good job, so they would receive a change of assignment.  They seem to be very nice people who are just fine doing whatever they are asked to do by the President.  We receive another Senior couple this coming Friday.  They are from Logan area and will be working at the county courthouse filming records in Cape May, NJ.

Just a short testimony from me:  I testify of the power of the book "Preach My Gospel".  It is a wonderfully complete guide to missionary work and by using it I can see that it is truly inspired of God.  We love our Mission!

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  1. Glad to see you guys are doing well. Looks like you are having great success' so far. Love you guys.