Sunday, October 6, 2013

Our Trip to Vienna, Virginia 

Friday we left the Mission office at noon (yes, we had the president's permission!) and headed to Vienna Virginia to visit our daughter, Jennifer, and her family.  It had been Dana's 13th birthday during the week and we were happy to visit.  We added a new state to our list of "we were there states".  Delaware--we were only there for a very few minutes, as our route took us just through the top corner of the state.  We did see a beautiful bridge that went from Delaware to New Jersey, but I was unable to take a photo while we were driving.
This is the Susquehanna River as it comes to the ocean through Maryland.  It is very wide and lovely at this point.  We have some converts up in Susquehanna that have had the privilege of being baptized in this river.
 Brad and Diane Neibaur are some of our good friends from Rupert, ID.  They are on a mission in the Washington DC North mission and work in the mission office.  It was such fun to have supper with them and compare mission office stories.  Corry came away with some good ideas to think upon...
It was absolutely awe inspiring to come around a curve in the highway and see these spires in the sky.  The most surprising and awesome sight we have witnessed.  Washington DC Temple.
 I told Jen to get lots of apples and I would help her can them.  She did, and we canned apples for about 7 hours.  Even grandpa helped.  Dana was our big help.  We canned 101 quarts of applesauce and apple pie apples.  They sure were yummy.
 Dana made these 2 apple pies by herself.  They were delicious!
 After watching conference and then having a delicious meal of salmon tacos and Spanish rice and birthday cake we headed home.  Yes, Pennsylvania is now "home".

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