Sunday, September 7, 2014

A Day in the Mission--Tender Mercies

The week began last Sunday night as we went to feed the homeless in downtown Philly.  We had 7 to help in the kitchen and we fed 290 this time.  It is quite humbling to feed them and to realize just how blessed each of us is that we are not among the chronic poor.  They are for the most part quite thankful for the meal and express that to us.  This time, however, 2 younger yet large adult females were unhappy with each other and each tried to out-smart and out-talk the other.  We felt grateful that a cat-fight did not erupt...We were also pleased to feed both our elder and sister missionaries this week.  We enjoy having them come to dinner and getting to visit with them and also having them leave us a message.  They are always prepared to leave us uplifted.  One of the messages this week was for us to take a hard look at the story of the Anti-Lehi Nephites and burying their weapons of war.  We were encouraged to look at just what our weapons of war were--things that we needed to give up and then choose one to give up, or bury.  I am working on that...

This was our Thursday afternoon.  Nothing happening all day long and the other Senior couple left to run some errands.  That's when it all began.  A set of Elders called.  They had lost the credit card that is kept in every mission car for gas purchases.  In one year (Yes!  we hit the one year mark on Tuesday.  No!  We did not burn anything...) nobody has lost their gas card.  So Elder Jones had to call Salt Lake to get the procedure.  They cancelled his lost card and we had some extras, so it was then a matter of changing things in the computer "CARS" program to reflect that.  I put the new one in the mail.  The only bad thing was that they would have to use their MSF card (the one they use for food and personal items) to fill up with gas, save the receipt and get reimbursed.  Not 15 minutes later another Elder called to tell me that he had lost his monthly bus pass.  It is only the 4th of the month, so that is a lot of $$ wasted, plus he just lost one in July!  OK, now time to go home.  We enter the apartment and another Elder calls to tell us that he has locked his key in his car.  (This is not really that unusual as it has happened about 6-8 times so far).  He is not close, so Elder Jones instructs him to find a local locksmith.  A couple more Elders and Sisters call with regards to getting new tires, etc. and the Elder with the key problem calls back.  They have the situation under control.  They were standing outside of their car looking sad, trying to figure out how to retrieve the key when a local locksmith drives by and stops.  He retrieves the key for them and does not charge them.  (tender mercy #1)  We have arranged to pick up some special bread for Jen from a sister in our ward who has celiac.  It is 8 pm and we have finished our laundry and need to now go get the bread.  They live at the far end of the ward, so not really close.  We cannot reach them...I talk Elder Jones into going anyway and by the time we actually find their apartment in their large complex they have JUST returned from dinner.  (tender mercy #2)  After visiting with them for some time we arrive home and get ready for bed.  It is 10 pm and one of our sister missionaries calls.  She is in tears and admits to breaking off her apartment key in the lock.  We get dressed again and are about to head out the door when Elder Jones looks up a 24 hour locksmith.  We find one and he agrees to help the sisters.  Over the next 2 hours Elder Jones is in constant contact with the locksmith or the Sisters (it is WAY past their time to be in for the night).  The locksmith was unable to get the key out so he had to drill through the doorknob and replace it.  $320 later and with much relief on the part of the 3 sister missionaries, all is well and Elder Jones and I can actually sleep. (tender mercy #3) 

Friday at noon we got to head down to Vienna, VA to spend the weekend with our Bishop grandkids.  Jen and Brant are in Africa on a 2 week safari for their 20th wedding anniversary and the kids have had a tender all week and we are to spell her off.  This was our checklist:
  1. Bake Cinnamon Rolls
  2. Make dinners
  3. Catch up on laundry
  4. Grocery shop
  5. Play games
This is Dana finishing homework so we can play games.


  1. Throw at least 100 passes to Mikey and Scotty
  2. Take Hannah to lunch
  3. Watch football
  4. Play games
This is Grandpa Jones taking a break from the above.  Doesn't he look peaceful napping with the remote control right handy...

And yes!  We accomplished everything!  We enjoyed the grandkids and even got to talk to Jen for a bit this afternoon.

We are looking forward this week to Wilfred Andersen of the 70 coming to Philadelphia for a Mission Tour.  He will be here for 3 days.  We will only be involved one of the days.  He wants to visit with the office staff and then we will fee he and his wife and some of the Leadership council lunch.  It will be great!

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