Sunday, September 28, 2014

End of September 2014
Boy, time is passing way to quickly!  We had a good week--as usual--last week.  I have mentioned before that by default we seem to plan most of the Senior monthly activities.  Elder Jones is very much aware of our senior missionaries who serve in outlying areas--far from other senior missionaries with whom they might associate.  So he posed the idea to all travel to Cape May, NJ to see the sights and visit with Lowell and Joyce Johnson, who serve there as MLS missionaries.  We ended up renting a van, plus the mission van and had a total of 19 senior missionaries plus 5 others.  We had a very good day.  The weather was absolutely perfect and the scenery and company was exceptional.  Elder Jones drove a van and it was a pleasure for us to better get to know the Symes who are serving in the Philadelphia Historical Society as records missionaries and also the Wrigleys, who are serving downtown Philly as MLS missionaries.  We had lunch at the Mad Batter (remember that place, Chris and Linz).  It was really tasty.  Then we shopped down the street in the middle of town and got some good salt water taffy.  Then on to see the WWII bunker, the lighthouse, Sunset Beach, the sunken ship and the Victorian Houses.  Cape May is a very quaint and lovely place.  The best part was to see how excited the Johnson's were to show us around.  Below:  Us eating lunch at the Mad Batter.
 This is a photo of Elder and Sister Jones with the sisters who serve in Cape May.  Sister White on the left is a trainer and her Golden is Sister Asi.  Great Sisters!  We love them!
 The week progressed as we have been preparing for transfers this coming week.  We will be losing one elder and one sister from our ward.  Sister Whitaker, below left is going home on Tuesday.  Sister Maybury, right will stay.  It is her birthday this week so we had them to dinner tonight for an early birthday dinner.  She asked for German Chocolate Cake.  It reminded me of Jana--she is an October birthday who likes the same cake...We will also lose Elder Brown who will be transferred.  He has been a delight and has served faithfully as one of Elder Jones' service elders.
Both of us have had a chance this week to accompany the sisters or elders to teach.  It is always fun to get to do that.  We both really enjoy it.  I was able to attend the General Women's Broadcast last night.  The very best part was the music--simply angelic.  I did so enjoy the arrangements and the enthusiasm of those who participated.  I was interested in the sister who spoke about the Living Christ document and those YW up in Alaska who memorized it.  Sister Diane Prince challenged us about 3 years ago in her RS lesson to memorize it.  I took the challenge and although it took a long time to do so, I memorized it.  I still repeat it--usually during the passing of the sacrament.  And I have it posted above my desk at the Mission office to remind me to repeat it so I do not forget it.

Fall is in the air.  I have found it interesting that the NORTH side of many trees are turning colors, while the rest of the tree is still green.  It is quite lovely, actually.  The weather has been in the mid 70's to low 80's with a day of rain in between.  Perfect!  I hope we enjoy another long fall season as we have been warned by the weatherman that the winter will be even more severe that the last...

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