Saturday, September 28, 2013

Feelin the Love in Philly!
Today was another P-day so we decided to go on a trip to see downtown Philadelphia.  We took a drive there last Sunday and were a bit intimidated by the many narrow, one way and confusing streets and the lack of parking.  So we drove to Swarthmore College and parked and took the train into downtown Philadelphia. We got off at the 2nd largest mall in the U.S.  It was huge.  Then we walked 5 blocks down to catch a double-decker tour bus open on the top, stopping at a street vendor for a soft pretzel.  (Yes, Philly is famous for them.)  Here are some of the most famous of the sights we saw:
 Betsy Ross' home
 Statue of Benjamin Franklin.  Everywhere you go the tour guide would say "who did this?"   The answer was almost always "Benjamin Franklin".  He had a very big influence on the building of this city.  He was very public minded and forward thinking.
 Penn Station.  In the game of Monopoly, all of the RR Companies are ones in Pennsylvania and the streets are from New York City.
 The Famous Rocky Balboa Steps.  This is actually the museum of Fine Art and it is very large.  Philly claims more art museums than anywhere but Paris.
 This photo is for you, Mason.  It is an entomology art exhibit.
First lighted streets in U.S., thanks to Ben Franklin.
 First hospital in the U.S.  Again, Ben Franklin.
First Post Office--You have it, Ben Franklin.
 Walt Whitman Bridge.  This is close to where Washington Crossed the Deleware.
Independence Hall.  We got to tour this building.  This is where both the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution were signed.  A very cool place to visit.  The only thing we did not get to see up close was the liberty bell.  By the time we finished touring the hall, the exhibit was closed.
This is the actual room where the documents were signed.  George Washington sat in that chair right in the middle.  It is one of only 4 items that are original to the room.  There were 2 walking sticks that belonged to delegates and one other item.  I was in awe of how very important all this was in bringing forth our nation.  How very blessed we are to live in these United States of America.  We want to return to Philadelphia and see a bit more.

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