Sunday, December 8, 2013

Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow!

We have felt our age this week.  Elder Jones continues to work on getting his back back to normal and Sister Jones came down with a cold.  We are feeling better today and look forward to an interesting week.  We learned that the transfers on Tuesday will affect our missionaries that serve with us in the Broomall Ward.  One of the Elders and one of the Sisters that we have become attached to will be transferred.  They were both a bit sad this weekend, but we got to have lunch with the Elders yesterday and dinner with the
 Sisters last night, so we tried to "pump them up" for the new areas they will be assigned on Tuesday.  Of the 270 missionaries in this mission, just over 60 sets of missionaries will be affected and change areas.  For Elder Jones this means assigning the service Elders on Monday to drive downtown and pick up the luggage of all those affected because they cannot take it on public transit, then on Tuesday to travel to Philly again and deliver the new Elder's/Sister's luggage.  It also means that he will be trading out 3 vehicles and assigning 3 cars to areas that have thus far not had a car.  For me it means updating the computer and then the phones so President has all of the information he needs in his phone.  We will be able to attend the dinner and testimony meeting for the outgoing 5 missionaries Monday, see the transfers on Tuesday, (that part is wild!), greet the 6 new missionaries Tuesday evening and have dinner with them (Elder Jones will be interviewing each one regarding driving privileges), then see the 6 new missionaries assigned to their trainers on Wed. and do some training at that time.  (Elder Jones does his presentation on Stress).
We attended Church today.  They dismissed Priesthood a bit early and began clearing the walkways so people could safely get to their cars.  It was just beginning to snow half way through Sacrament Meeting and by the time we finished the meeting block there was 3" of snow!  This photo is our church.
We took an investigator, Patrick, 11 years old to church today.  He is a very nice boy and wanted to attend.  We traveled slowly to his home and this shows about 4" in his front yard.
A colonial home we passed taking Patrick home.  I thought it looked like a Christmas Card!
The roads were clogged with cars that could not get traction, cars stalled on the side of the road, cars that slid into each other, and even a car being pushed by some Army young men and women.  If you look closely the cars are visible far ahead.  The walkers on the side of the road beat us up the hill.
 When we arrived at our apartment, Elder Jones dropped me off close to the sidewalk and then was unable to get up enough speed to make it up the hill to park the car.
Our apartment is located on the top floor, furthest from where the photo is taken.  We had plans to visit less actives with the Sister missionaries this afternoon but decided that we should all just stay at home and stay safe and warm.  

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