Sunday, December 15, 2013

Transfers and Christmas Prep
Monday was transfers and Sister Munson (blue sweater) got transferred out of our ward.  We knew she would be leaving, but we shall miss her.  She wanted a photo of the office staff..

 I did not realize it, but when you ask a missionary how long he/she has been out, they respond by saying "x transfers".  The ones being transferred are on the right and they are matched with their new companions on the left.  They watch the power point presentation to see who their new companion is and then they run together, hug and Sister Anderson takes their picture.  It is very fun to witness.
 Thank you John Jones family and Jana Stevens family for the precious Christmas tree with decorations made in Family Home Evening by the grand kids.  That makes it even more special to me.  It makes our little apartment look like Christmas.  I have not done many of the things I usually do to get ready for Christmas, but I did make some cookies and caramel and Martha Stewart this week for gifts (and for us, of course).
Early in November each parent was notified to have their child's Christmas presents sent to the Mission office by Dec. 6.  This is the result.  We have 270 missionaries and most of them have 2-4 presents each.  One present cost $45 to send!  So we have LOTS of presents.  Since we had transfers last week we simply arranged them by alphabet and tomorrow we will separate them into zones.  Then Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Monday we will deliver them to each area and have a Christmas Devotional with them.  I think it will be lots of fun.  Elder Jones got a phone call last night from Sisters who had a slow leak in a tire.  They went in to a local shop to have it checked out and repaired if needed.  When they entered the waiting room they asked the others waiting if they could turn off the TV.  They reluctantly let the Sisters turn it off.  Then the Sisters began singing Christmas Carols.  After a few the others joined in and a lovely spirit of Christmas filled the shop.  When the shop owner was finished with their car he thanked them and did not charge them anything.  We were glad they shared their Christmas Miracle with us!  Tonight we are headed to a Messiah Sing Along at our ward.  They are praying for a miracle as the last 2 rehearsals were called off due to the snow.  Even the Ward Christmas Party was delayed a week.  We certainly miss our family at this Christmas Season, but are happy to be spending it with such devoted servants of Christ.

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