Sunday, December 1, 2013

Thanksgiving 2013
 Actually, we did feel just a bit guilty to be on a mission and yet enjoy Thanksgiving with our daughter!  But we traveled the 2 1/2 hours early Thursday to be with Jen, Brant and family in Vienna, VA.  Jen prepared a wonderful dinner and we enjoyed plenty of food and games.  Grandpa caught up on TV sports.
 I participated in several "selfies" this weekend, so I decided to take one to prove I was at this dinner too.
Saturday the Bishop's had a large party in the early afternoon to play laser tag.  Each child invited some friends and they played for about 2 hours.  They had a really good time.  Notice Brant in his cammo on the right side of the above photo.  The weather was quite cold, but they seemed to be fine.
The girls outnumbered the boys.  They played 4 games and ended in a tie.  Jen welcomed them in from the cold with hot soup, cocoa, cookies, bread and a warm home.  Some stayed hours...
Now to sum up the weekend:  As we all voiced what we were thankful for, I thought about it all weekend and decided that I truly do have so many things to be grateful for.  Among my top picks, however:
My testimony of Christ and my membership in his church.
My family!  My health!   That I can still learn and think.
Serving a mission at this time with Corry.
Living in these United States.
My children and their support of us while on this mission.
A warm bed and car.
And this weekend, to see Jen's much improved health.

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  1. Love reading the blog Sister Jones, its fun to hear about places you are going that I have been in PA.