Sunday, June 22, 2014

Another Trip to The Bishop's
We were privileged this weekend to take another trip to Vienna, VA for some Bishop family events.  But not before we stopped in Wilmington, DE to deliver a phone to some Elders.  I have had 4 phones go bad this week.  One got left on the bus, one got left in the rain, one completely died and one stopped working so I ordered a new one and then their phone miraculously was working again.  I am pretty good at transferring the contacts and activating new phones these days.  Elder Jones has about 7 elders and sisters that he is counseling these days and he really enjoys that.  We got to attend an "A" swim meet for Hannah and Dana  and Scotty came with us.  Hannah and Dana both did exceptionally well in their meet.  Hannah has a tear in a muscle in her shoulder and took a 2nd and third and a first in her relay.  Dana got a 1st, 2nd and a 1st on her 2 relays so we felt very happy to see them do so well.  It rained almost the entire meet, but the swimming continued.  Jen was a timer for the meet.  
This is Jen's back yard.  It was the site of 2 parties this weekend.  Very nice weather for eating outside.  Tom and Heidi--you will probably remember Rob who went to Alaska with you last summer.  He is getting married and they had a party for he and his fiance.  Jen and I had to skip most of the party in order to take Mikey to BWI airport to go to a basketball camp with Uncle John and some cousins and their friends.  Then today (Sunday) we enjoyed a bbq chicken dinner outside.  Our whole reason for this special trip this weekend was that Cole David Bishop (pictured below) graduated high school this past week and received the Melchizedek Priesthood.  We were happy to be there to participate in this ordination.

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