Sunday, June 29, 2014

Fireflies and the End of June

Tomorrow is the END of June.  Time is flying way too fast.  We have had a busy week and I really cannot think of anything stupendous to write about today.  The best thing about the whole week was that we got to eat REAL Mexican food this week.  Annabelle and her 2 children are investigating the church.  Angel, her 8 year old son is going to be baptized next Sunday and we are happy for him.  They are a nice family who live on the outer limits of our ward.  The dad passed away about 3 years ago with cancer and Annabelle cleans houses to support her 2 kids.  The Elders had an appointment to eat late lunch with her last Monday and needed a chaperone, so we got to tag along.  It was well worth it.  She had made many different dishes, including Chicken enchilladas with green chile sauce.  So yummy!  She had salsa, chips, Rice Milanessa, beans, salad, fruit drinks from pineapple and strawberries and something that looked like spaghetti with a Mexican twist.  Everything was so very delicious.   Annabelle is also wanting to get baptized but is waiting for her older son to get baptized at the same time.  Then yesterday we again had to chaperone the elders at a single sister's from Honduras and we went to dinner with them.  She made a wonderful fresh pico de gallo and we enjoyed the meal and company very much.  We took the Elders back to the church and met sisters there, as well as the president and his wife.  So we visited with them and then took the elders and sisters for an ice cream.  (I have pictures of all of this, but not on my phone.  I am supposed to get an e-mail with them). I do have the photo below.  It was exactly 1 year ago last night that President and Sister Anderson arrived at the mission office to begin their term here.  We sure love them!  Last week he admitted to Elder Jones that he had mistakenly placed his keys in the refrigerator...Lots of stress at this job!
Tomorrow we meet to get ready for transfers.  It will be a busy week.  We are also vacating about 6 apartments and moving into others, so for me that means lots of checks, changing things in IMOS and paperwork.  It makes the job interesting...  Tomorrow afternoon we are taking a tour of downtown Philadelphia (again) but with a professional tour guide who wants to treat the senior missionaries.  We just have to pay parking.  Then we will all get a bite to eat with each other.  We have another new senior couple to meet.  The Eylers are only here for 6 months as they have a special needs son on a mission currently and want to be home when he returns.  Bro. Eyler works for the Church (CES) so he has taken a leave of absence to to this mission.  

Last night we saw fireflies!  They are rather magical.  We determined that when we were young we both thought they were not real.  But they live on the east coast and it is fun to see them.  What a beautiful, wonderful, varied, exquisite world Heavenly Father has created.    

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