Sunday, June 1, 2014

Memorial Day, Transfers and the Weekend
What a busy week we have had.  And we have enjoyed some wonderful experiences.  On Monday, Memorial Day, Elder Jones got permission from the Mission President and took 2 elders and 2 sisters to see a world famous horse show that was only about 7 miles from here.  Above are sisters Oveson and Fiso all decked out in their "go to the horse races" clothes.  They were excited to go and they all had a very wonderful time.  That evening we participated in a farewell dinner for the 13 outgoing missionaries.  We have become close to several of them and it was hard to say goodbye.  The next day we had rain, as usual, and transfers for 120 missionaries.  This means that Elder Jones organizes his service elders the Saturday before to pick up their luggage if they live in Philly or Camden or Atlantic City (they cannot take that much luggage on the subway, bus or train).  Then he repeats the same process on Tuesday afternoon to take those being transferred into those areas and all of their luggage home.  My only job was to give them their Missionary support funds (a credit card) and explain its use.  Later that afternoon we received 7 new missionaries and had dinner and a testimony meeting with them where we were asked to bear our testimonies.  Wednesday morning we had further training with them.  (We don't try to train much Tuesday night because they have been up since 2 am getting from the MTC to the SLC airport and some even coming from the Mexico City MTC.  They are mostly just hungry and sleepy that night.

Thursday Elder Jones had a wonderful experience teaching a first lesson to an investigator.  Dave works at the local Pep Boys where we do lots of business.  He is very nice and has a great personality.  Elder Jones, of course, teases him.  He has challenged him to take the missionary discussions several times.  Dave was quite an independent child and he loved ordering things off the TV.  He saw an ad for a free Book of Mormon and ordered it, received it, and began to read it.  His mother got ahold of it and took it away.  Dave has not kept his commitment to meet with the missionaries so Elder Jones told him that we would take our business elsewhere if he did not show up to meet with him.  Anyway, Dave showed up, on his day off, all clean and pressed with his dread locks in order.  When he came he informed Elder Jones that he had been on his knees for 2 hours that morning pleading with Heavenly Father for guidance and that things would turn out OK.  He had a sense of peace as he came to the appointment and Elder Jones thoroughly enjoyed teaching him and feeling the spirit as he did so.  Dave has another appointment this coming Thursday morning!

Another interesting experience:  This morning in Relief Society a girl stood to bear her testimony.  She had returned to her home in the Los Angeles area on business and told of going to church there.  Afterwards I asked her where she grew up and she said "Whittier".  As we talked, we found out that I went to Jr. High and High School with her dad and grew up in the same ward.  She had also grown up in that ward and knew my mother.  Her name is Stacy Plummer.  What a very small world this is...

We testify to all of you who might ever read this blog that going on a mission as a senior couple is not just a suggestion by the General Authorities, but an opportunity to receive untold blessings and also to have a most wonderful time serving in such a meaningful capacity.  We love it!  We so appreciate the support of our children in this endeavor and love to keep in close contact with them!  What a bonus to have seen 2 of our children so far with a third one coming this week!

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