Sunday, November 2, 2014

November--A Month of Thanksgiving
 I am happy that Thanksgiving is late in November this year so that this very special holiday has almost 4 weeks of recognition.  Hopefully we are thankful all year, but I am going to concentrate this year on having a heart full of gratitude--because I really do have so very much to be grateful about!
Today Anabel (I found the correct spelling of her name...) Sanchez Velasquez was confirmed a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints by Elder L. Corry Jones.  It was a great day.  Anabel even took her 2 boys and went to the Washington DC temple yesterday.  She has already sent referrals for missionaries to teach her family members in Mexico and she is anxious to do family history work and then ordinances for her deceased family members.  She is such a sweet lady.  AND, she invited us for some more wonderful Mexican food next Saturday, along with the young elders who taught her.
 The rest of the photos were taken on the way home from church today.  The fall colors were vivid all last week, but yesterday it rained and then blew wildly all night, so most of the leaves have fallen to the ground.  There were downed branches littering the back roads that we take to go to church.  But you can see the beauty that surrounds us as we head to church.  I really do like a Philly Fall!
 The next 2 photos were taken in the Cumberland Cemetery.  We pass this very old cemetery each week as we head to pick up Tom Lee and take him to church.  Above--a delicate tree with still vibrant coloring.  Below:  A backdrop of color amid the grave markers.
The week passed ever so quickly.  Elder Jones was busy all week attending to cars.  Last week he distributed 7 new cars and this week he has been taking them in for various servicing requirements prior to selling them.  Every time I saw him leave he was driving another car to either the body shop or Pep Boys.  This was in addition to helping various missionaries get their cars serviced.  By Friday he just wanted to come home and rest.  I also had a busy week.  Wednesday we had the head finance person for the Missionary Department come to visit.  I worked with him most of the day.  I learned lots and he helped me see some things that needed cleaning up in the books.  So I will work on taking care of those items this week.  We had two meetings this week where we fed the missionaries lunch, 50 on Tuesday and 40 on Friday.  We ended the week by attending our ward's fall festival/chili dinner/after Halloween party.  It was very enjoyable and there was tons of good food.

Today is Fast Sunday and as a mission we are fasting for Elders Evan Wilson and Gary Ballard, both senior missionaries who are experiencing difficult health challenges at this time.  Elder Wilson has Mineers and had a very bad bout with it for a couple of days this week.  Elder Ballard has a pinched nerve in his back and has yet to be pain free.  This week he is planning on a shot to help with the pain.  We have concern for both of them because completing their mission assignment has been hard. Their wives are also stressed out about them.  This just reinforces to Elder Jones and I how very blessed we have been while we have been serving here.  We have been in good health and are so thankful for that blessing.  We continue to thoroughly enjoy our mission here.  The time is passing too quickly.  The only reason to look forward to going home is seeing our family.  We do miss them.

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