Sunday, November 23, 2014

Philly with David Jones Family
We had a really good and busy week.  The story of the week happened on Tuesday.  We were just about to sit down to dinner--so about 5:30 pm when the phone rand.  Elder Jones picked up the phone to this:  "Elder Jones I think we have a problem".  Elder Jones responded with "OK, what is the problem?"  Elder Cowley went on to explain the situation.  (Elder Cowley has CF, so he regularly has to come to visit the doctor in Philly).  They were in the doctor's office for about 3 hours and when they came out of the appointment their car was gone.  As it turned out they had parked in a NO PARKING zone.  The sign was obscured by a tree, so they did not see it.  As they looked harder at the sign they found out the number where the car was impounded, called, and were told they could come and get the car.  But the impound lot was a few miles away and it was very cold out and they did not have coats (in the car...)We were about 1 hour from them, so that was not a good option.  So Elder Jones instructed them to find a C Store with heat and remain inside and he contacted another senior couple who live downtown.  The Symes were gracious to help and they picked up the missionaries and took them to the impound lot.  $200 fine to repossess the car.  The missionaries luckily had personal credit cards from home and split the fine.  As they were waiting for the man to process the paperwork he got a phone call from his wife.  He explained what he was doing and apparently the wife talked him in to lowering the fine to $100.  Those missionaries were so very happy.  They traveled from the Scranton area for the doctor's appointment, so they decided to spend the night with the AP's.  So they headed for the freeway and somehow managed to get on the wrong one and ended up in New Jersey.  They had to pay the toll to get back to Philly!  They had quite the adventure.  We got to visit with them the next morning and Elder Jones was sure to give them a bad time.  The second thing that happened was on Wednesday night.  The service elders from the Widener Ward had a baptism last week of a young woman.  So this week she got married.  The wedding was to be at the ward building and the missionaries had decorated the place, etc.  Elder Bergman is funny anyway, and he was all ready to sit down and witness the ceremony (the bride was 1 1/2 hours late) when the bride approached him and said that she had no family able to attend as they lived in New York, so would he give her away--acting in her father's place.  He was very astonished and as he said "more confused than a chameleon in a skittles bag".  We teased him the next day to say that we did not know that the term "service" elder included that!  Elder Jones sold 2 cars this week--he is out of real estate and into used cars...
 We had a wonderful weekend as well.  Friday David and his family flew into Washington DC to visit with Jen and her family.  They rested a few hours and then came up to spend time with us.  So Friday we took them to "Tony Lukes" in South Philly for their famous sandwiches.  Dave had the pork sandwich with broccolirabe.  Some of the kids had inside out pizza and the rest of us had mostly Philly Cheese Steaks.  It was delicious.  The only bad thing--Chelsea fell asleep just before we ate and did not wake up til 2 am.
 Saturday was quite nippy in Philly.  It was mostly the wind.  It was about 45 but felt much colder.  This is Morgan at a store that is called "Mo-Mo's".  And that is her nickname so we had her pose.    We were able to see the Liberty Bell and Independence Hall.  Then we toured the side streets and saw Betsy Ross' house and the old Christ Church.  Caleb (below) is pictured sitting in George Washington's pew.  It was the largest pew in the church as he was one of the wealthier parishioners..
 Bryce is pictured below at Elfreth's Alley--the oldest street in America that is still inhabited.  The houses here go for over 1 million and we saw 2 that were for sale.
I had them pick the door that they liked and Chelsea Rose picked this one.  She had a good time!  After touring we headed further uptown to the Reading Terminal Market which was really bustling because it was a Saturday afternoon.  We each got what we wanted and enjoyed it.  David had been there some 9 years ago and had a Reuben sandwich and he found the place and had it again and said that it was as good as he remembered it to be.  We also waited 15 minutes in the Amish Bakery line for hot doughnuts.  The best was deemed the Elvis--chocolate, peanut butter and bacon on top, I think.  Anyway, the fritters were wonderful too.  Elder Jones--plain old Glazed...
 Sunday the family attended Sacrament with us and then we showed them the mission office, took them to see our small apartment and had lunch, then headed to visit Valley Forge.  Every time I go to that place I get a lump in my throat.  It has a sacred feel to me.  I really like that park.  This is Chelsea and Caleb as George and Martha Washington.

 Left to right:  Caled, Angie, Corry, Bryce, Chelsea, David and Morgan Jones in one of the 12 man cabins that have been restored in the park.  This one had a fireplace.  Below are Corry, Morgan and David in front of a similar cabin.

 The whole family in front of one of the cabins.  We certainly enjoyed their visit.  We parted at Valley Forge and they headed up to see New York City for a couple of days.  We will reunite at Jen's for Thanksgiving in Vienna.

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