Sunday, November 16, 2014

Transfer Week, November 2014
It was a very busy week.  It all began last Saturday as Elder Jones has the Service Missionaries go downtown and pick up all of the luggage from the missionaries who do not have cars.  They ride the bus and they can get here, but the mass transit system does not allow for them to take that much luggage on the bus.  So we store it here at the mission office (Elder Jones found an unused room and convinced the FM person to let him use it).  Then Monday all 26 of these missionaries came to the mission office and turned in their I-pads, then headed for downtown Philadelphia for a last look at the city, and the temple.  Then they come to the mission home where we enjoyed a lovely ham dinner, took photos, saw a slideshow, bore testimonies and just enjoyed each other's company.  This was the first departure dinner that was really sad for us.  We just know most of these missionaries and have had personal experiences with them and they are dear to us.  We will miss them and always remember them!  Sister Amy McNeil, front with a red scarf, has been very special to Elder Jones as they have met together.  Her parents came to pick her up and it was wonderful to meet them.
 Sister Stephenson.  She is such a sweetheart.  She sings like an angel, is a bit spicy, and BEAT Elder Jones in a game of PIG once.  So when she arrived at the mission office he made her go play another few games until he could end on a winning note.  She was gracious and obliged.
 Sisters Hyatt (L) and Sagers (R).  They are both really good Sister trainers.  Such cuties!
 Sister Suckow.  You think you had it bad, Tom and Dave--her parents moved to ALASKA while she was serving!  She loves to tease Elder Jones.
 Elder Taylor.  Personality plus.  I have loved him for almost a year.  He was our Zone Leader when we arrived.  We have inspected his apartment and he has convinced me to make treats for his zone meeting.
 Sister Wilson.  She has served with us here in Broomall.  She is an excellent missionary, person, teacher, friend, etc.  We absolutely adore her.
 Sister Hall.  She also sings like an angel.  She plays the guitar as well.
 Elder Mower.  Everyone who serves with him has crazy stories to tell about him.
 Elder Jensen.  He has served as a service Elder these past 6 weeks.  He attended our ward so I got to feed him a few times.  Good Elder!
Sister Kaydee Taylor.  We are practically related!  I love her.  She is from St. George and her mom is best friends with Jessica's sister Amy Christensen. 
 Sister Palmer.  She is one of the Sisters stuck on the mountain last winter in the snow.  She is a fine missionary.
 Elder Toilolo.  He has served with us a VERY long time in the office as an AP.  He is 25, has his bachelors degree, will be married next month and I predict he will eventually be a stake president in Hawaii.  He is just a natural leader--and very dedicated and humble as well.  We will so miss him!
 Sister Foote.  She served in our ward for several transfers and we came to count on and appreciate her gentle way, her patience, and her great ability to teach.  She is ONE TERRIFIC MISSIONARY!
 Elder Spackman.  I call him "Spackie".  He is rather crazy, but so much fun.  He got mad last year and put his fist through a wall, breaking it and requiring surgery.  When he trained his last Golden, he "knighted" him.
 Elder Stucki.  He is a computer whiz and created a program for Elder Jones to help the missionaries keep within their allotted miles for the month.
 Elder DeMoors.  He served with Elder Taylor as our Zone Leaders and I sure do love him.  He is from Atlanta.  His dad died in the Gulf War.  The Church uses his family often for videos and stories in the Ensign.  A Fine Elder.  These departing missionaries stayed at the Mission Home for the night, then Tuesday at 5 am Elder Jones headed back to the Mission Home to drive the U-Haul loaded with all of their luggage to the airport.  Then Tuesday Morning at 10 am we had transfers.  They transferred about 160 missionaries, so the Mission office was busy!  They also closed down some areas, so that involved giving keys and phones and cars from one area to another.  We did pretty good to keep up with it all...Then we fed the 19 new Trainers who would soon be getting "golden" companions and held their training.  As soon as that was over we headed back to the airport to pick up the 19 "goldens".  Then we had dinner with them and Elder Jones has to interview each one to determine their ability and desire to drive a car.

Our newest missionaries, straight from the Provo and Mexico City MTC's.  They look pretty good for being up since 2:30 am.  They are pictured here in front of the Mission Home.  Wednesday morning we have training with them, and then they were paired up and sent off with their trainers.  The rest of the ween centered on recuperating from all of these changes.  Elder Jones had the service elders delivering luggage both days and then cleaning out apartments and moving missionaries the rest of the week.  My job--get their money correct and update the phones.

As for our missionary work, our ward is holding the "40 Day Fast:  That is where a family in the ward fasts one day, then another the next and so on, for 40 days.  They are to pray for a name to invite to investigate the church, have a missionary experience with, etc.   Elder Jones and I fasted for help to teach our investigator, Barbara Johnson.  Last week we taught her the Plan of Salvation.  She was quite responsive and Elder Jones was happy to use his visual aides.  Tomorrow we are teaching her more about the atonement.  She continues to attend church, reads the Book of Mormon and attends the Institute Class, but does not want to be rushed into actually joining the church.  We have promised to take our time and fully answer her questions.  Today she particularly enjoyed the Primary Program.  (She has taught elementary school and loves children).  It was a very good program.  2 of the girls, ages 11 and 6 even accompanied one song on their violins.  We are ending up the day by having the Sisters to dinner and then we will skype an "after baptism" lesson with them to their recent convert, John.  We have been teaching him with them for a couple of months and it was good today to see John bless the sacrament and hear of his joy at attending the temple yesterday to be baptized for 2 of his family members.

We have a busy week ahead.  Our son, David, and his entire family will be here sometime Nov. 21 to visit for a couple of days.  We are excited to be with them!

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  1. How fun to read your posts each Sunday! Jacob thinks the sister whose parents moved to Alaska is very lucky haha. Love you!