Monday, September 2, 2013

First Day at the MTC

Today is Labor Day, and coincidentally our first day to labor on our mission.  This was taken at the end of the day, so frankly we do look a bit tired.  We have been treated like royalty by our hosts, Max and Nancy Jones.  We are staying at their home in Alpine as the MTC has 127 new senior missionaries this week (128 is the all-time high).  Of course this morning we were there quite early, although it was just fine with them and Corry is happy to report that his earliness meant that we never had to wait but just kept going from one station to the next and quite quickly.  Some things I learned today:
  • It is pretty cool to be a senior missionary.  You get to cut in front of the young elders and sisters in the lunch line.
  • Everyone checking in today had a similar story--packing, renting their home, selling autos, missing grandkids, just retiring, etc.
  • Some people have served many missions.  The high today was 6.  
  • Some people continue to serve way into their late life.  One couple today was headed to the Belgian Congo and honestly, they looked to be at least 90!
  • The MTC is a wonder!  So many things going on, so many volunteers, so many inspiring people!
  • Seniors can even go swimming.
  • Senior companions do not have to always be together.  Today they said that if the wife needs to go clothes shopping the elder does not have to go.
  • The book "Preach My Gospel" is very much used in the MTC.  We will be studying it all week from 8-5.
  • We are excited to go on this mission!


  1. We predicted that Corry would be there extra early ;) Glad you survived your first day. Thrilled to hear that as Senior missionary you don't have to be together every minute-there may be hope for John and I to go on one someday.

  2. Ha ha Jess! You make me laugh! Glad to hear everything went smooth yesterday! I was thinking about you! Hope today is another good day! XO Ang

  3. You are our heroes! Glad to hear that you arrived safely and that you are doing well. I look forward to reading about your experiences in the mission field. You are both great inspirations to all of us.