Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Our Trip to Philadelphia
We began our trip traveling across Wyoming.  We saw lots of gray color and lots of antelope.  In Nebraska we found this restaurant.  (Corry's mother is a Perkins)  Then we headed across ALL of Nebraska and saw TONS of corn growing in fields.  

We crossed the Mississippi River and saw even more corn in Iowa, Illinois, and Ohio.

We got near only a few large cities traveling east on I-80, but we did get to see Cleveland, Ohio.

At long last!  Pennsylvania!  

This is a small city in northwest Pennsylvania and it is spelled the same as Corry spells his name.  The interesting thing is that the town was founded by a Hiram Corry.  Corry's great grandfather is named Hyrum Corry.  We bought shirts, a brick and met with the secretary of the chamber of commerce and they gave us a history of the city.  It was fun to stop here.

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  1. Ah Perkins, I ate many a times at that establishment.